Packinox heat exchanger

CR Asia China have completed a catalyst skimming and spent catalyst conditioning job of two Bisphenol reactors at a facility in SCIP, Shanghai.Bisphenol-A is the used for the production of Poly Carbonate, from which, for example, CD-s are manufactured.

CR Asia Singapore has recently performed chemical cleaning of a “Packinox” Combined Feed/Effluent Heat Exchanger at a refinery north of the Manila Bay in the Philippines. This particular Packinox is part of the Continuous Catalytic Reformer (CCR) Unit and first one ever cleaned under the banner of CR-Asia. Every CCR has a feed/effluent heat exchanger but there are mainly two configurations; the Packinox and the Texas tower. The Texas tower is a tubular heat exchanger and the Packinox is a welded plate-type heat exchanger.

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