Odour problems

WVT Industries, specialised in the research, development, production and marketing of industrial cleaning chemicals, has the products to take care of your odour problems.

Our odour control products : 
  • Acrylex 73 : Acrylex 73 is a very active, ready-for-use stench destroyer. It has specifically been developed for neutralising acrylates.

  • Acrylex 55 : is very effective on the following acylate types: EA (=ethylacrylate), BA (=butylacrylate), MA (=methylacrylate), MMA

  • O-scent : while other odour control systems claim to hide or cover unpleasant odours, O-Scent has been proven to chemically convert foul and potentially harmful gases into non-odorous, non-toxic by-products.

  • O-scent EMW/B : O-Scent EMB/W is manufactured specifically for the neutralisation of mercaptanes. The product has been formulated to be used in LPG gas bottles during gas pressure testing, to neutralise ethylmercaptanes, ammonia and aromatic vapours.

  • O-scent FX : O-Scent FX is a biodegradable, water based liquid for controlling, encapsulating and treating all kinds of odours associated with the fish processing and food handling industries.

  • O-scent GFT : O-Scent GFT is a very effective, concentrated, long lasting, odour neutraliser, containing plant and natural oil extracts.

  • O-scent SCV : O-Scent SCV is a water based liquid for cleaning hydrocarbon based deposits and encapsulating hazardous gases, vapours and associated odours, including H2S, Benzene, Ammonia and Mercaptanes.

For more information about our products to take care of odour problems, don't hesitate to contact us.

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