Gas odor

Gas odor / Odeur control

We have several products to get rid of gases and odors.
  • O-scent for water treatment : Excellently suited for use through chimneys, scrubbers (like de-odorising and neutralising sulpher and/or water dissolving components,…), gas-wash installations, oil/water separators but also for neutralising stench in production companies (f.e. amines and mercaptanes) and after fire-damages.

  • O-scent for odour control : While other odour control systems claim to hide or cover unpleasant odors, O-Scent has been proven to chemically convert foul and potentially harmful gases into non-odorous, non-toxic by-products.

  • O-Scent SCV : Cleans hydrocarbon based deposits and encapsulating hazardous gases, vapours and associated odours, including H2S, Benzene, Ammonia and Mercaptanes.

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