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Silicon cleaner for industrial purposes. Specially developed for the removal of silicones based on oils, emulsions, compounds, mastic and resins!!

Silox 100 could be applied pure and diluted depending the type and amount of silicon residue.
Silox 100 could be applied manually (floor or/and machine-cleaning) or industrial ( Cip installation - by immersion method - circulation method etc.).


Silox 100 is a balanced combination of detergents and solvents. This product is non foaming, but flammable. Thanks to the specific properties of Silox 100 you will have no adverse effects on the decanting vats in purification plants.

When you use Silox 100, materials as Teflon and/or viton are recommended.


Vats , reaction vessels with residues of polymer emulsions , heat exchanger used with paper coating base/catalyst emulsions and residue of silicon up to 2,000,000 cps: make solution of 5 until 10 % Silox 100 in water at room temperature. Cleaning (circulation) between 30 min and 2 hours (depending on the amount of silicon) for excellent result.


Silicones on floors and machines: use Silox 100 undiluted. After 2 minutes mop with brush or scraper for an excellent result. Due to the vaporisation time, the cleaned surfaces and parts will be available for further processing in a short period of time.


Precautions: Wear appropriate clothes, gloves and glasses.


Always refer to MSDS before using this product.

WVT Industries is a specialist chemical manufacturer and any directions for the use and application of its chemicals are provided in good faith. This information is based on experience and research but is not intended to be a definitive statement for the use of the chemical or to be taken as complete process advice. While the company, its management and employees will share what knowledge they have and make recommendations, this information can never give rise to liability or consequential damage from third parties. Any information provided regarding the chemical does not exempt the customer from examining the product and its directions for use to determine the suitability themselves for its intended purpose.

HS-Code : 38140010

Packaging :
  • 5 Ltrs
  • 10 Ltrs
  • 25 Ltrs
  • 210 Ltrs
  • 1000 Ltrs

Please test the chemical for any adverse reaction with the material to be cleaned, before use.