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Bio Cleaner Normal is used to remove oil spills from all kinds and types of materials like:

concrete, asphalt, ceramic tiles, painted and unpainted metal, textile, etc...

Bio Cleaner can be used to clean: machines, machine parts and machine rooms, engines, tools and equipment, doors, walls, tanks, loading ramps, gutters (ship), yards, vehicles, living areas for animals and humans, ....


  • Mild alkaline pH.
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Mixture of surfactant agents, microbes and bacteria.
  • Bio Cleaner Normal can endure below-zero temperatures, but the microbes die if exposed to temperatures above 47 degrees C.


  • Does not damage the health, environment or nature in any way.
  • Can be applied with different tools and equipment.
  • Does not damage gaskets, seals, pumps or other equipment.
  • Can be diluted until 1/100 with water!


Use low-pressure pump or garden pump (must be cleaned), a spray bottle, high pressure pump, mop/brush or similar or an automatic scrubbing/washing machines.

Can be applicated through automatic dosage units or manual dosage.


Refer appropriate MSDS before handling and use!

HS-Code : 34021200

Packaging :
  • 5 Ltrs
  • 10 Ltrs
  • 25 Ltrs
  • 210 Ltrs
  • 1000 Ltrs

It is recommended that the surface to be cleaned or treated should initially be tested with a small amount of the selected chemical in a non-critical area, to determine if any adverse reaction takes place.

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