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C-Clean Bio is a UNIQUE liquid cleaning product composed of natural raw materials! C-Clean Bio was developed specifically for removing bitumes, tar, crude oil, heavy fuel and numerous additives. In most cases the use of a 5-10% dilution of C-Clean Bio with water will effortlessly replace the traditional solvents such as petroleum and white spirit.


  • Can be diluted in function of clogging as a result of which it is very economic in use (even at extreme clogging)
  • Broad pallet of applications
  • Very high flame point
  • Perfect separation of clogging with water as a result of which there is no impact on oil/water separators and low COD
  • An average between 75 à 80% less usage of chemicals


  • Immersion : 5 à 10% in water by means of circulation between 60-120 minutes
  • Tankcleaning : 0.5% in water by means of butterworth system with 60 until max. 70° C for disposal of additives
  • Extreme heavy clogging : 15-25% in water with 65-70° C for disposal of numerous resins, bitumes etc. After use always rinse with water.


  • Always consult the appropriate MSDS before use
  • Always test the underground in advance for resistance

HS-Code : 34021200

Packaging :
  • 5 Ltrs
  • 10 Ltrs
  • 25 Ltrs
  • 210 Ltrs
  • 1000 Ltrs


It is recommended that the surface to be cleaned or treated should initially be tested with a small amount of the selected chemical in a non-critical area, to determine if any adverse reaction takes place.


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