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Gaswash L VOC Free is a unique liquid absorber based on "green" components, intended for the absorption of non-polar organic constituents. The product has been developed specifically for the capture of gaseous components, but it can also be used for liquid components..


Gaswash L VOC Free is a VOC-free formulation that doesn’t have any hazard classification according to CLP legislation. For this reason, the product is very safe to use, both for the user and for the environment.
In addition, Gaswash L VOC Free has a very high flash point (> 120 ° C), so that the use of this product does not pose a risk of flammability. The product does not release vapors or gases, therefore the use of a breathing mask is not required.
Since Gaswash L VOC Free is not soluble in water, the application of this product will not affect the operation of an oil/water separator.


Gaswash L VOC Free has a high absorption capacity for gaseous apolar substances and is therefore extremely suitable for use in gas washing installations.Since the non-polar gases are retained and Gaswash L VOC Free does not contain VOC per se, the effluent after the scrubber will no longer contain any non-polar VOC components, as long as the absorption capacity of the product is not exceeded.This has been confirmed in lab and practical tests, the results of which are shown in the table below:

Because there are no more non-polar substances present in the air flow, the explosion limits of the outgoing air will also change. By removing non-polar substances, the lower explosion limit (LEL value) will increase, reducing the risk of explosive conditions, unless any polar substances give rise to lower LEL values. In the latter case, a 2-stage scrubber can be used, so that the polar components are also removed, resulting in an increase in the LEL value.


For the treatment of an air flow with only non-polar gases:

In order to limit the breakdown of non-polar gases, it is advisable to apply Gaswash L VOC Free undiluted in the gas washer. Because the absorption capacity depends on the type and amount of substance to be absorbed, and the flow rate through the gas scrubber, this must be examined per product. We recommend setting the speed of the vacuum truck as low as possible so that maximum contact time is achieved in order to achieve the most efficient possible removal of the components. The absorption of the gases can be monitored by measuring the VOC emissions after the gas scrubber. If this increases, the Gaswash L VOC Free solution is saturated and needs to be replaced.

For the treatment of mixed airflow polar-apolar gases:

In this case it is recommended to carry out the treatment in a 2-stage scrubber, the first step is meant for the capture of the polar components (using O-Scent), followed by the second phase with Gaswash L VOC Free.

In this way water-soluble components are also kept separate from the apolar components, which considerably simplifies processing of the waste stream.


Because the use of Gaswash L VOC Free does not give rise to VOC emissions, a VOC measurement at the outlet of the gas scrubber can be used to monitor the absorption capacity of the liquid. As long as the VOC remains low, the Gaswash L VOC Free solution still has sufficient absorption capacity. If the VOC increases, the liquid is saturated and needs to be replaced. This way the liquid can be maximised and early replacement is avoided.


Always consult the appropriate MSDS before use.

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HS-Code : 34021200

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