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Degreaser R is a hiqh-quality, emulsifying, industrial cleaning & degreasing liquid. The product contains petroleum fractions and surfactants. It has been developed for the removal of oils & greases, tar, asphalt, crude, …

The product is often used in the chemical & petrochemical industry, refineries, drill platforms, proccess industry, ….


Contains petroleum fractions and surfactants.


Effortlessly removes oil & grease pollutions


Always use Degreaser R undiluted.

Apply the product on the surface with a brush, spray equipment or by immersion.

Allow it to penetrate into the pollution, rinse with clean product and let it dry or blow it dry with compressed air.


Always wear protective clothing and a universal mask.


Refer to appropriate MSDS before handling or use.
HS-Code : 27075000

Packaging :
  • 5 Ltrs
  • 10 Ltrs
  • 25 Ltrs
  • 210 Ltrs
  • 1000 Ltrs

It is recommended that the surface to be cleaned or treated should initially be tested with a small amount of the selected chemical in a non-critical area, to determine if any adverse reaction takes place.

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