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Demul 40 CP is used to split oil-in-water emulsions (ex bilges). Demul 40 CP can be used alone or in combination with other emulsion splitting methods like  ultrafiltration, decanters or centrifuges. In addition, Demul 40 CP is suitable for removing water from waste oil and treating washing liquids  from tank – and container cleaning processes.


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Demul 40 CP is effective in the pH range from 1 - 14. The appropriate pH for any given application must be determined in preliminary tests. Demul 40 CP could be used at room temperature until

90 ° C.


Highly concentrated demulsifier as dilution is approx 100 ppm in addition with room temp. where most of the competitive products must be used around 1500 until 3000 ppm.

Another important cost saving element concerns the energetic cost, knowing the use at room temp. where most products need to be heated until 90 ° C.




Colorless till amber, viscous liquid

Density (25 °C):

1.14 ± 0.05 g/cm³




Demul 40 CP and the amount to be added must be determined in preliminary tests on a laboratory scale. The following approximate values can be taken as a guideline:


Emulsion splitting:

0.1-5 l/m³ = 0.1-5.7 kg/m³

removing water from waste oil:

0.5-10 l/m³ = 0.6-11.4 kg/m³

treating washing liquids:

0.1- 2 l/m³ = 0.1-2.3 kg/m³

surface water/wastewater flocculation:

0.1-10 g/m³

filter conditioning:

0.01-1.0               g/m³





Demul 40 CP is packed in 210L steel drums and 1000L IBC.





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HS-Code : 38140090

Verpakking :
  • 210 Ltrs
  • 1000 Ltrs

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