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To meet the increasing requirements of its customers, WVT Industries (Belgium) has developed a new demulsifier called ‘Ash Decon’.

When MARPOL refers to the lowering the emissions to decrease pollution, companies are required to explore new paths, to enable them to improve their environmental behaviour.

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In the oil industry, harbors around the world receive waste-oil, which contains water, sediments and ash.Ash is limited in percentage as they cause heavy pollution when the oil is used as a bunkerfuel in ships. Containing elements such as sulphur, aluminum, nickel, silicon and phosphorus, reducing ash is a very important step in the process, when transforming waste-oil to a product which could be used as a fuel in the MARPOL sector.

WVT Industries (Belgium) was requested to develop a new product to add to its existing demulsifier range in order to reduce ash in waste-oil and then process this waste-oil to a product. This ‘refined’ oil would then be supplied to the market as a fuel and not anymore as waste.

Ash Decon the newly formulated demulsifier features a low pH range, low corrosion effects and exceptional performance when reducing ash in oil.

Following tests by different customers, WVT met it targets in this ‘project’, by being able to reduce ashes from 5%, to less than 0.5% in 1 step.

Ash Decon can be used for mechanical, or gravitational separation, together with Demulsifier Q03, to remove water, sediments or ash from waste oil, meeting the fuel standards.

Ash-Decon offers an outstanding result as treatment for De-Ashing.  The following outlines the results of WVT studies on its use in cleaning and descaling applications, and provides relevant physical and chemical properties for Ash-Decon and its salts.

The benefits provided by Ash-Decon in cleaning and descaling applications can be summarize as follows:


      Strong acidity                                            Promotes rapid attack on carbonate and oxide



      Forms highly solubility salts                         Enhanced dissolution and removal of salts


      Non-foaming and slightly hydrotope             Easily combined with surfactants.


      Stable to most oxidizing agents                   Formulate with H2O2 or peracetic acid bleaching



      Non-oxidizing                                            Minimize degradation of other formulation



      Low corrosivity to metals vs. other acids       Less damaging to pipes and fixtures


      Low toxicity and ecotoxicity                         Dilute solutions safe for discharge to waste

    treatment facilities




Ash-Decon is a very strong organic acid, like the strong mineral acids HCl and H2SO4.
Ash-Decon’s acidity in aqueous solutions is substantially greater than that of phosphoric, sulfamic, or the carboxylic acids. The high acidity of Ash-Decon promotes rapid reaction with carbonate and oxide scales.






WVT studies have shown Ash-Decon to offer superior performance compared to other products and/or descaling agents.


Ash-Decon offers a very quickly separation from Ash within oil related mixtures compared to most other acids :




Nitric acid is not representated on this graph, but:


Ash-Decon > Sulfamic > formic > phosphoric > lactic=glycolic > citric


As showed in the graph, Ash-Decon is the most efficient acid, mainly on short time contact. On the graph we can see that Ash-Decon is much more efficient than other acid even at a low temperature of 20°C. Sulfamic acid is not far in efficiency at 70°C, but its poor water solubility and nitrogen group are not in its advantage. Weak acid have very low efficiency.


Moreover, at opposite of Ash-Decon all those acids are unstable in presence of strong oxidizers, and their chemical oxygen demand is much higher than Ash-Decon one.






The toxicity and ecotoxicity of Ash-Decon arises from its high acidity, which is similar to that of the strong mineral acids. WVT testing has shown :


      Neutralized Ash-Decon offers extremely low toxicity.

      Ash-Decon is not genotoxic, not teratogenic, not a skin sensitizer, and is not expected to bioaccumulate.

      Ash-Decon is readily biodegradable (100% after 28 days).

      Ash-Decon can be directly discharged to waste treatment plants at concentrations up to 160 mg L-1 as the acid, or more than 1.75 g L-1 after neutralization.


Contact WVT for additional toxicity and eco-toxicity information.



Results from several studies on the comparative corrosivity of Ash-Decon with other strong acids are tabulated below. As would be expected for strong acids in water, the relative corrosivities vary with concentration, temperature and the exposed metal. The corrosivity of aqueous Ash-Decontowards carbon steel, aluminium or copper is similar to that for phosphoric acid, and substantially less than that for sulfamic acid or HCl.


Contact WVT for information on Ash-Decon compatibilities with other materials of construction.


This information is intended as guidance. WVT provides no warranty on the suitability of Ash-Decon formulation base for contact with any material. We strongly recommend that customers conduct their own testing to assure compatibility of Ash-Decon and other components in mixtures with the materials of construction. WVT technical laboratories can help you to check the materials compatibility.






Unit conversion: 25.4 µm = 1 mil = 0.001 inches In chemical processing equipment, corrosion rates less than 100 µm/year are generally regarded as acceptable.


WVT gets some data on the corrosion at higher Ash-Decon concentration, and can do, in the frame of cooperation agreement, some corrosion trials on your final formulation. Pure Ash-Decon is strongly corrosive versus stainless steel 304 or 316. WVT is able to propose a new grade without corrosion versus SS 304 and 316.


If you are interested in this new grade, please contact WVT’s representative 

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HS-Code : 38140090

Verpakking :
  • 210 Ltrs
  • 1000 Ltrs

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