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Extra strong model with more sorbents. Suitable for lengthy use, both inside and outside. Not easily damaged. Essential in places where spills are likely, such as laboratories, near compressors, technical services, production rooms etc.

Can be deployed anywhere, inside in the factory hall, or outside in the grounds. Easy to manoeuvre and position.

The color of the lid represents the type of absoptionmaterial. Blue is oil only absorbing material, red is especially for aggressive chemicals but also absorbs water and hydrocarbons.
Size of the Mobile Spill Station Luxe is 93 x 53 x 50 cm. (h x w x d)


40 mats, 10 snakes, 10 pillows, 1 pack of wipes, 1 putty pot, 1 set of plugs, 1 pair of safety glasses, 1 pair of gloves, 2 rubbish bags with binder, instructions for use.

  • Universal - Especially for aggressive chemicals, also absorbs water and hydrocarbons.
  • Oil Only - Only absorbs hydrocarbons, does not absorb water.
Order Nr Product Type Specifications Absorption Capacity
9073 Mobile Spill Station Universal 75 L
9083 Mobile Spill Station Oil Only 75 L
9071 Refill Universal 75 L
9081 Refill Oil Only 75 L

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