Production & automatisation

Sophisticated technology and know-how serving the environment.

WVT Industries applies state of the art technologies to the production of its superior detergents.

Raw materials are supplied in bulk or in containers, allowing for the smooth manufacture of small and large quantities of products.

Sophisticated software controls the accurate mixture of ingredients.

As our software also controls the production line, we can monitor production step by step. The computer assures that each recipe is made in exactly the amounts needed.

A maze of pipes, valves and pumps leads the desired ingredients to one of the mixing tanks. Automatic processing reduces human intervention to a minimum.

The use of this technique enables us to adapt the detergent formulas to your needs. This allows us to take into account important factors such as :
  • the nature of the pollution that has to be removed
  • the cleaning techniques
  • the ergonomic and environmental aspects.
For each production, whether 200 or 20.000 liters, a batch report is composed and updated. This enables us to always monitor quality.

To make a long story short, we always guarantee superior quality -- for repeat orders also.