General conditions


Art. 1 If not otherwise determined, all invoices are always payable upon receipt, net and without discount.

Art. 2 The customer can only consider himself the owner of the purchased goods after he has received them and has paid

Art. 3 If this payment has not been made on the due date, negligence interest will be due by law, and without prior notice, with per year (also by law and without reminder) in effect from the expiry date until the month that the amount due is paid to the agreed compensation for late payment of 10% with a minimum of 75 €.

Art. 4 The deposit for the packaging and the value of the goods are charged at the same time; when paying the invoices both This deposit does not mean transfer of ownership, therefore the buyer declares to be prepared to return the packaging condition, delivered free of charge at our factory and within the period of 60 days after the delivery date.

Art. 5 Our products are always delivered in our standard packaging. The weights that are taken into account for invoicing determined by us. A delay in the delivery for whatever reason will never give rise to compensation of any kind.

Art. 6 Complaints must be addressed to us immediately and in writing and this at the latest within eight days of receipt of the term no complaint will be accepted anymore even for immediately visible or hidden faults. Our responsibility for damage of a delivery of non-uniform or erroneous goods is limited to the purchase value of the consumed part of the disputed complaints, even for hidden defects, are explicitly excluded.

Art. 7 The statements regarding the percentage or mixture/ratio of our products are always expressed in approximate average regarding application techniques is provided to the best of our ability and supports our research work and our experience responsibility. Likewise, any information concerning the compatibility or application of our products is provided without presuppose the buyer to do his own researches and tests.

Art. 8 Your contact details are retained by WVT Industries nv for customer management purposes, based on the contractual of your purchase order. These contact details may also be used by us for direct marketing purposes of new products not want us to retain your data for these direct marketing purposes, please contact us at to request that contact details and other information from our database. Additionally by sending a request to this email address you to your contact details that we retain in our database. If you do not agree with the way that we retain or use your data, Commission for the Protection of Privacy at Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels.

Art. 9 In the event of any disputes, only the court of Antwerp has jurisdiction.