Emulsion breaker

Emulsion breaker for oil & gas industry

WVT has developed an emulsion breaker that can be applied in the oil & gas industry. In our lab, all compositions are checked by means of standardised quality analysis and quality control. Because of our specialised know-how, we can live up to the highest quality standards.

Demulsifier Q3 is an emulsion breaker.
Under 1% water content

MARPOL oil is a water-in-oil emulsion with its stability depending on the water content, which is typically between 2.4% to 50.8%. Adding the new Demulsifier Q3 to MARPOL-oils significantly speeds up the decantation process and attains fuel with a water content of under 1% . In less than twelve hours , Demulsifier Q3 optimizes the calorific value of the recycled oil, and increases its resell value . To obtain optimum results, the water-in-oil emulsion is heated up to between 80 to 90°C before adding Demulsifier Q3.

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Emulsion breaker

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