Top XR 90


Top XR 90 is a highly concentrated, alcaline cleaning liquid that contains a high percentage of active ingredients. The product has been developed for the cleaning & degreasing of surfaces polluted with oil & grease or atmospheric pollution.

It can also be used for the removal of ink and pigment remainders.


  • Concentrated.
  • Alkaline liquid.
  • Biodegradable.


  • Economical in use.
  • Can be applied with different tools and equipment.
  • Has no negative influence on the operation of oil-/ water separators.


Depending on the type and degree of pollution, temperature and the working method, Top XR 90 can be diluted to max 1:100.

Apply the sollution with a brush, cloth or high / low pressure equipment, wait a few minutes and rinse with a lot of water.


Due to its high concentration the product should always be applied diluted.
Always rinse well with water.
Can be used in the food industry because Top XR 90 does not contain toxic substances.


Always wear goggles.


Always refer to the appropriate MSDS before use or handling.

HS-Code : 34021200

Packaging :
  • 5 Ltrs
  • 10 Ltrs
  • 25 Ltrs
  • 210 Ltrs
  • 1000 Ltrs

It is recommended that the surface to be cleaned or treated should initially be tested with a small amount of the selected chemical in a non-critical area, to determine if any adverse reaction takes place.

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